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          The Verge1.3.2



          Get the latest breaking news and tech coverage by The Verge, in a new refreshed user interface. This app is an unofficial client that gets you the all the content you known and loved from The Verge, wrapped inside an iOS7 inspired design that allows you to browse through articles with ease.qMN亚风软件站_提供免费绿色软件下载_手机电脑软件下载

          KEY FEATURES:qMN亚风软件站_提供免费绿色软件下载_手机电脑软件下载

          • Get the latest in consumer technology news, reviews, features, and exclusives as they unfold.qMN亚风软件站_提供免费绿色软件下载_手机电脑软件下载

          • Offline Reading - Activate airplane mode to read without using your cellular data!qMN亚风软件站_提供免费绿色软件下载_手机电脑软件下载

          • Watch “On The Verge,” “The Vergecast,” “The Verge Mobile Show,” and more without ever leaving the app.qMN亚风软件站_提供免费绿色软件下载_手机电脑软件下载

          • Browse the latest photo galleries, featuring the full range of gadgets, software, and events covered on The Verge.qMN亚风软件站_提供免费绿色软件下载_手机电脑软件下载

          • Listen to “The Vergecast” and “The Verge Mobile Show” as you read the latest in tech news or minimize the player and listen while you do other things.qMN亚风软件站_提供免费绿色软件下载_手机电脑软件下载

          • Share news and stories with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, and email.qMN亚风软件站_提供免费绿色软件下载_手机电脑软件下载

          • Comment on articles and features and be part of the conversation in realtime.qMN亚风软件站_提供免费绿色软件下载_手机电脑软件下载

          科技博客The Verge官方客户端,专业的科技新闻、评测内容。qMN亚风软件站_提供免费绿色软件下载_手机电脑软件下载

          用户现在可以使用The Verge客户端随时查看网站带来的所有新闻报道,提供有广泛的宽度和深度,可以让你第一时间了解消费电子领域的最新消息、新闻以及深入的专题报道。qMN亚风软件站_提供免费绿色软件下载_手机电脑软件下载



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